Devil Pony

A Matt Christopher Adventure Classic “He’s everything I dreamed he’d be!” exclaimed Stu Bancroft when he saw Midnight, the horse he and his sister Sally had been promised when the horse was just a foal. Now Midnight was a year old and Stu and Sally were to bring him home at the end of their …

Drag-Strip Racer

Ken has always dreamed of becoming a drag-strip racer, an hen he inherits a super car, Li’l ed, from his uncle, he thinks his dream will come true.  However, things start to go all wrong for Ken.  He fractures his foot, and his older brother seems to be increasingly angry with Ken and jealous of …

Great Moments in Football History

Matt Christopher has captured all the suspense and play-by-play of nine famous pro football plays of the past and the personalities of these pro football players that made them.  

On the Field with…Emmit Smith

Emmit Smith always had a gift for seeing what’s about to happen on the field.  With his vision, he became one of the best running backs in the history of football.  He helped the Dallas Cowboys win three Super Bowls.

In the Huddle with…Steve Young

In January 1995, Steve Young, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, led his team to victory in Super Bowl XXIX.  His intelligent, aggressive style and by working hard, he became one of the most dynamic players in football history.

Olympic Dream

Doug Cannon is a video whiz, a decent hockey goalie – and overweight.  He is often the butt of his friends’ jokes, but he tries not to let it get to him.  That’s before he meets Red Roberts.  An energetic cycling enthusiast, Red encourages Doug to help out with the construction of a new bike …

The Twenty-one Mile Swim

Joey Vass wasn’t a swimmer, but since his family bought a house on the shore of a lake, he decided he’d better learn how.  Everything is going along fine until a guy on the school swimming team starts to tease him constantly. Angered by the teasing, Joey decides to become expert at a different kind …


When Sean Bailor, an angry young wrestler, loses his perspective on what he is fighting for, he takes his aggressions out on his family and wrestling nemesis, until a friendly referee gives him tips on anger management.  

Great Americans in Sports: Drew Brees

This entry in a brand new line of sports biographies from Matt Christopher takes readers onto the field with a beloved quarterback Drew Brees grew up in a family of athletes, and overcame injuries and setbacks to become one of today’s best quarterbacks. This comprehensive biography – complete with photos and fun infographics – shows …