Jeff is crazy about basketball, but his father, a research scientist, thinks sports are a waste of time. Jeff still wants to play, and so, without his father’s support, he tries out for the school team. And he makes second string. He’d mostly sit on the bench, but Jeff knows that he will get a chance to prove himself to the coach and the team-and his father. He also knows that his dream of playing varsity will take a lot of hard work, but he enjoys every minute of practicing and playing.

After a frightening accident involving the team bus, Jeff’s father insists that he quit the team. Later, the school principal convinces Jeff’s father to change his mind, and eventually Jeff persuades his father to come see a game.

In a dramatic season-ending playoff game Jeff gets a chance to prove that his dream is possible-and that sports can be a valuable part of growing up.

Published by BellaRosa Books