Bernie Morello knew how to play football, but he didn’t know how to fit in with the boys from the better side of town where his new school was located. Bernie came from across town, where the hard-working immigrant families lived.

How Bernie lost a game but won the respect of his fellow players marks the climax of this thrilling football story.

The writer has played football himself, and knows exactly how it feels on the eve of an important game. He understands the mingled fear and excitement that tie the stomach in knots as you run onto the field to the music of the band and the cheers of the crowd. This is football as only a player knows it.

MATT CHRISTOPHER has written and published more than one hundred twenty novels, making him the most prolific and bestselling sportswriter for children and young adults ever. From books on football and baseball to soccer and skateboarding. His work has spanned three generations of readers, and new fans are joining the ranks every year.