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Former Nickelodeon President Launches MiMO Studio For Children’s Programming

Brian Leak11:00 am

Brian is an entertainment journalist and photographer living in northern California.

Cyma Zarghami

Cyma Zarghami

Viacom International, INC.

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Former Nickelodeon and Viacom Media Networks Kids & Family Group president Cyma Zarghami has created a full-service media company called MiMO Studio. Also serving as a consultancy, MiMO will develop original kids and family content with an aim at meeting the demand of today’s immense entertainment consumption.

MiMO will approach the development and production of all of its properties with a focus on franchise possibilities. The studio, based in New York, will produce its material from original IPs and adored family material with live-action, animated and preschool output zeroed in on positive family values, education, diversity and more.

MiMO Studio has already begun production on its first project with the live-action feature The Kid Who Only Hit Homers, which is based on the 1972 novel of the same name by author Matt Christopher.

“MiMO will challenge the typical content format and create franchise-potential properties that will engage kids and their families in deeper and more relevant ways,” said Zarghami via press release. “MiMO Studio will be at the forefront of building a new franchise model for kids’ content in what is seeming more and more like a post-broadcast world. It has been very rewarding to personally select IP that will come to life in keeping with my vision to super serve kids 11 and under in a new media landscape, one that is being primarily designed for the adult audience. We are already in production on the first property and have identified five others that span live-action, animation and preschool that we cannot wait to get to work on.”

I am an entertainment journalist and photographer currently living in the Napa Valley region of northern California. With a focus on music, film and the video game

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