Trapped! It was two days before Christmas in the sleepy little town of Joberg in upstate New York. When the back door of a delivery truck slams shut on Whitey, a snowy white Persian cat, and Ginger, a high-spirited young dog, a hair-raising adventure begins for their two masters. Tommy and Jamie have grown up in the same neighborhood but have never gotten to know each other well. Now, in panic, they ride out together on the back of Tommy’s horse and into a raging blizzard. What follows is an unforgettable winter night, and the blossoming of two new friendships: for Whitey and Ginger, who learn to rely on each other for protection and comfort through their ordeal; and for Tommy and Jamie, who share the pains and perils of their desperate search. Matt Christopher, famous for his sports stories, has written an exciting tale for adventure fans and animal lovers alike.