No other figure in recent history has had the wide-reaching impact of the man known simply as “The Greatest.” For four decades Muhammad Ali has served as a symbol of honesty and strength in sports, politics, religion, and civil rights.Throughout his remarkable career, Ali’s courage, skill, ego, and beauty made him one of the most colorful and well-known of all public figures; someone who truly had to be seen to be believed. Using fight posters, tickets, rare memorabilia and classic photographs, Ringside brings Ali’s extraordinary ;life into focus. Alex Haley, Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, and Peter Richmond each chronicle a decade of the boxer’s storied career, from his stunning victory over Sonny Liston, when he first captured the heavy-weight title, to his epic bouts with Joe Fraizer and George Foreman, to his heroic struggles with Parkinson’s syndrome. Included throughout are quotes from friends, family, and colleagues offering insight into the legend of Muhammad Ali and what has made him one of the world’s true undisputed champions.