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Supercharged Infield

Penny Farrell is surprised by the sudden change in her teammates on the Hawks softball team. They are playing better that Penny ever thought possible! Stranger still, this new strength brings dramatic change to the girls’ attitudes. Penny decides to solve this puzzling mystery. Could it have anything to do with Harold Dempsey, the team’s scorekeeper and computer whiz?

Windmill Windup

Kelly Conroy is stoked for the upcoming softball season. Last year her team almost won the championship. She can’t wait to rejoin her teammates and conquer the competition. Then the bomb is dropped—she’s been assigned to another team! Further complicating her life, her mon is spending all her free time with some guy Kelly can’t stand. And on the field, Kelly finds herself facing a new windmill pitch she can’t connect with. Suddenly, the best season of Kelly’s life is turning into a nightmare.
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