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Catching Waves

When it comes to surfing, fourteen year-old Kai Ford knows his stuff; he’s been riding the waves since he was ten. He respects the awesome power of the sea and knows–firsthand– how dangerous it can be. But what Kai doesn’t seem to respect is the privacy of others. Unfortunately, his prying nature sometimes leads to trouble for others. Will Kai learn the importance of minding his own business before he once again sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong? Continue reading Catching Waves

Skateboard Tough

Is Brett’s new skateboard haunted?

The first time Brett steps on “The Lizard,” the mysterious skateboard unearthed in his backyard, he can feel its power. He can do amazing tricks on it that he was never able to do on his old board. Brett should be on top of the world — so why can’t he shake the feeling that there’s something evil about The Lizard

Extreme Teams #6: Into the Danger Zone

Now that Charlie Abbott has finally settled in with his new group of friends, he is excited to introduce them to an old friend who is coming to visit. But when Pat–or Rick, as he is now known–steps out of the car, Charlie can’t help noticing how much he is changed. And the more time Charlie spends with Rick, the more he realizes the changes aren’t all that good. In fact, some of them are downright dangerou