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On the Court with…Kevin Durant

Discover the amazing achievements of beloved basketball superstar Kevin Durant in this exciting and comprehensive new biography!

From his days as the skinny kid on youth teams to his MVP season with the Oklahoma City Thunder to this first NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has been an electrifying presence on the basketball court.  With two Olympic gold medals, four NBA scoring titles, and an NBA MVP Award, Kevin shows no sign of slowing down.  Through every triumph, Kevin has lived his life by the motto”hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” dedicating himself to becoming the best player on the court and known for remaining humble and kind through it all.

This action-packed and comprehensive biography brings readers onto the court to experience the biggest moments of Kevin Durant’s remarkable career, relays details of his life, and shows his dedication to giving back to this community.  Complete with stats and photographs, this book makesdthe perfect gift for any young sports fan.

On the Court with…Lisa Leslie

One the top players in the Women’s National Basketball Association was the star Lisa Leslie.  She started her career with the Los Angeles Sparks and was a member of the 1996 Olympic gold medalists team.  Get a close-up look at this superstar in this biography by Matt Christopher.

Great Americans in Sports: Blake Griffin

This entry in a brand new line of sports biographies from Matt Christopher takes readers onto the court with an all-star who reaches for new heights.

Blake Griffin is known for being a #1 draft pick, Rookie of the Year, Slam Dunk Contest winner, and one of the best power forwards playing today. But he had to fight to make it onto the NBA court at all after sitting out his first pro season with a devastating knee injury. Learn more about the perennial All-Star in this comprehensive biography, complete with photos and fun infographics.

Break for the Basket

It was funny how Emmett got on the Penguin basketball team.  He was shooting at the basket in his own back yard when Robin Hood and some of the other Penguins stopped in and took over the basketball.

Before he knew it, and really without wanting to, Emmett found himself playing on the Penguin team.Of course, he was nervous and not sure of himself, and for while it seemed that he was not going to be much help for the team, especially in the playoffs when they needed him the most.  Everyone but Emmett knew that he was good player – his father, Mr. Long the coach and Mr. G., the artist who lived next door and who like Emmett was very shy.  Mr. G. was sure that he could teach Emmett not to be afraid, but to play hard and play the best he could.

Basketball Sparkplug

Kim wanted to play basketball.  He was a good player, too.  But sometimes he didn’t keep his mind on the game very well, and sometimes he made mistakes that disgusted the other boys on the Arrow’s team.The trouble was that Kim didn’t practice as much as the others.  Instead he took singing lessons and sang in the choir.  Some of the boys kidded him about that; in fact, they were pretty sore about it and blamed Kim when the Arrows lost.  No wonder it was hard for Kim to do his best.How Kim managed to combine the two things he liked to do is told with plenty of basketball action.

Tall Man in the Pivot

Doing well in sports is important to any boy.  Usually it comes from hard work.  But for Chuck O’Neil, making a basket was easy as becoming class president or winning marbles from the other members of the school basketball team.  At times, even to his friends Mickey and Steve, it seemed that Chuck preferred shooting marbles to playing basketball.  Indeed, nothing really bothered Chuck until his marbles began to disappear. Then he looked at everyone with suspicion.  Enjoy reading the old classic by Matt Christopher and see how Chuck solves the mystery.

Shadow Over the Back Court

Jeff is crazy about basketball, but his father, a research scientist, thinks sports are a waste of time. Jeff still wants to play, and so, without his father’s support, he tries out for the school team. And he makes second string. He’d mostly sit on the bench, but Jeff knows that he will get a chance to prove himself to the coach and the team-and his father. He also knows that his dream of playing varsity will take a lot of hard work, but he enjoys every minute of practicing and playing.

After a frightening accident involving the team bus, Jeff’s father insists that he quit the team. Later, the school principal convinces Jeff’s father to change his mind, and eventually Jeff persuades his father to come see a game. Continue reading Shadow Over the Back Court

Nothin’ But Net

A novel about discovering what it means to be a true friend.

Thirteen-year-old Tim Daniels can’t wait to go to four weeks of summer basketball camp. A scrappy point guard, he’s sure he’ll shine on the court. But then he learns that his friend Billy will be going to camp with him. Billy is a good guy, but kind of flabby and not much of a basketball player. Tim is worried that Billy will drag him down, a concern that seems to come true their first week at camp when Billy becomes the butt of practical jokes. Will Tim choose to stick by his friend, or will his desire to be accepted by the popular players make him turn his back on Billy? Continue reading Nothin’ But Net

The Basket Counts

On-court hostility threatens Mel’s place on the team

Mel Jensen is new to the Titans basketball team, but he knows he could be a vital part of the starting lineup—if only two other plays would give him a chance to show his stuff. But Caskie and Stoney seem bent on ignoring him, and Mel knows it’s because he’s black. Should Mel fight fire with fire, or should he try to get along, if only for the sake of the team? Continue reading The Basket Counts

Red-Hot Hightops

Are Kelly’s new hightops magically helping her game?

When Kelly Roberts plays basketball at home with her friend Ester, she’s a whiz, but as soon as she faces a crowd, she freezes. Then one day Kelly finds a brand-new pair of red hightops in her locker. They fit her perfectly, and whenever she wears them, her teammates tell her she plays a better game. She is reluctant to believe in them at first, but soon even she has to admit that the sneakers have a strange, almost overpowering effect on her. Could the mysterious hightops somehow be touched with magic? Continue reading Red-Hot Hightops