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On the Court with…Kevin Durant

Discover the amazing achievements of beloved basketball superstar Kevin Durant in this exciting and comprehensive new biography!

From his days as the skinny kid on youth teams to his MVP season with the Oklahoma City Thunder to this first NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant has been an electrifying presence on the basketball court.  With two Olympic gold medals, four NBA scoring titles, and an NBA MVP Award, Kevin shows no sign of slowing down.  Through every triumph, Kevin has lived his life by the motto”hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” dedicating himself to becoming the best player on the court and known for remaining humble and kind through it all.

This action-packed and comprehensive biography brings readers onto the court to experience the biggest moments of Kevin Durant’s remarkable career, relays details of his life, and shows his dedication to giving back to this community.  Complete with stats and photographs, this book makesdthe perfect gift for any young sports fan.

Serena Williams: Legends In Sports

Serena Williams has been ranked number one in the world for tennis singles, won twenty-two Grand Slam singles titles, and won four Olympic gold medals. Her powerful serve surprises her opponents—and then her forehand and backhand swings land shots with fierce accuracy. Her speed and strategy are unmatched. Yet, it’s her ability to rally for a comeback that has put her at the top of her game and the top of the field. Serena has defeated injury, personal stresses, and criticism to climb to the top of the rankings and become one of the best tennis players of all time.

This exciting biography of Serena chronicles her career in tennis that started on the courts of Compton, California, her competition and cooperation with her sister Venus Williams, and her triumphant career highlights, as well as her personal pursuits and charitable work.

Matt Christopher is the name young readers turn to when they’re looking for the best sports biographies on the shelf.

On The Court With… Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player, record breaker, and Finals champion who electrifies fans with his incredible on-court feats. He started out as a high school phenomenon who led his team to conference and state championships, and then he was the NCAA Scoring Leader in college. Now he plays for the Golden State Warriors, and his unique jump shot is hard to block. In fact, Steph’s record-breaking skill at making three-pointers has helped bring his team to victory over and over again. He’s also a dedicated husband, father, and philanthropist who inspires people on and off the court.

Learn more about the remarkable athlete Stephen Curry in this biography, complete with stats and photographs.

Matt Christopher is the name young readers turn to when they’re looking for the best sports biographies on the shelf. ++

In the Goal with…Brianna Scurry

In the 1999 Women’s World Cup championship, Brianna Scurry was the goalkeeper for the USA women’s national team.  She faced the greatest challenge of her career when she had to square off against China’s best penalty kickers in a shootout to determine the winner.  A must read as she was one of the greatest all-time goalkeepers.

On the Court with…Lisa Leslie

One the top players in the Women’s National Basketball Association was the star Lisa Leslie.  She started her career with the Los Angeles Sparks and was a member of the 1996 Olympic gold medalists team.  Get a close-up look at this superstar in this biography by Matt Christopher.

On the Court with…Hakeem Olajuwon

Whether he was slamming a dunk, ripping down a rebound, or intercepting a pass, Hakeem Olajuwon was a force to be reckoned with.  He was the center for the Houston Rockets.  He led his team to back-to-back NBA championships, earned numerous MVP awards and was ranked among the top players in blocked shots.  He was born in Nigeria and never handled a basketball until he was fifteen years old.  Another great Matt Christopher biography.

No Arm in Left Field

Being the new kid is never easy…

Terry Delaney doesn’t mind his family’s move from Long Island to Forest Lake. But he figures being one of the few black kids in town may make fitting in more difficult. Terry is pleasantly surprised when he finds a friend in Mick Jordan and tries out successfully for the local baseball team. It looks as though things won’t be so bad…until he meets Tony Casterline, the team’s shortstop, who constantly points out the fact that Terry’s weak throwing arm ruins the team’s efforts. The conflict between the two boys boils until it seems something must give — or explode. Continue reading No Arm in Left Field

Hot Shot

Julian Pryce was once the star center of the Tornadoes. But when he joins a new team after his family moves, he suddenly finds himself riding the pine. It turns out the Warriors already have a starting center, Paul Boyd, who has no intention of sharing the court with Julian. The coach is no help, either, for one simple reason: Paul is his son! Now Julian may have to take drastic measures if he’s going to get back into the game. . . but is he to blame when Paul winds up in the hospital? Continue reading Hot Shot

Slam Dunk

Julian Pryce is looking forward to playing basketball for the Tornadoes this year. Last season, the team went undefeated, with Julian as the star center. But to his shock and disappointment, the other boys who made the team great the previous year aren’t at the first practice. Instead, Julian finds himself surrounded by newcomers and kids who rode the bench last year. There’s no way the team will be as good as it once was-and Julian discovers that he doesn’t like the pressure of being the sole remaining star, the player others look to to lead the team to victory. . . Will he be able to reconcile himself to this role or will he decide to take the easy way out? Continue reading Slam Dunk