Great Moments in Basketball History

The history of basketball is chock-full of famous buzzer-beating shots, amazing game-saving plays, and thrilling maneuvers that defy gravity. All fans have their favorite memory, just as they have their favorite team and their favorite player. Now here’s a book that offers a look back at more than fifteen of the sport’s best moments. The Block, The Steal, The Shot. Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, Bird, Jordan, and James. Each entry captures the nail-biting tension of the minutes leading up to the play, as well as information about the superstar players that made them and the teams that they played for.

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The New York Yankees


The New York Yankees played their first game in the American League in 1903. Since then, they have become the best team in baseball, bar none. Now this action-packed and fact-filled volume brings the Yankee’s great history to life. From Babe Ruth’s called shot and Lou Gehrig’s tearful farewell speech, to Reggie Jackson’s three hits on three pitches and Derek Jeter’s game-saving catches, classic moments are recounted with such vivid description that readers will swear they can smell the popcorn and hear the crack of the bat.

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World Series

For more than a century, the World Series has captivated baseball fans with edge-of-the-seat excitement. From Walter Johnson’s extraordinary pitching in 1924, to Babe Ruth’s Called Shot in 1932, to Willie Mays’ catch in 1954 and Reggie Jackson’s three-in-a-row home runs in 1977, to the “reverse the curse” wins by the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and the Chicago White Sox in 2005–this action-packed volume brings them all to life.

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There is no football game more exciting than the Super Bowl, the match that pits the best AFC team against the best NFC team in a battle for the NFL championship. Thrilling last-second victories, crushing defeats, jaw-dropping touchdown catches—and misses!—the Super Bowl has it all. In this action-packed volume, young readers can relive 40 years of Super Bowl history.

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The Olympics

The Olympic Games offer athletes something few others sporting events can: the chance to be recognized as the best in the world at a given sport. With stories of great triumphs (such as Nadia Comaneci’s amazing feat of scoring seven perfect scores in gymnastics) and losses (such as U.S. diver Greg Louganis’ shocking injury on the Olympic diving board), the Olympics not only embody the competitive human spirit, but also set a stage for world politics. This thorough history of The Olympics combined with incredible sports stories makes this both an educational and inspiring book! Continue reading The Olympics