The Team That Stopped Moving

Dick Farrar was glum.  The baseball team he had helped organize couldn’t seem to get a winning combination together.  Then one day, in the midst of an important play, something happens to Dick.  For some strange reason, all the action on the field seems to freeze, and a man who calls himself a wizard appears and begins to talk to him.  The wizard gives him pointers on how to improve his play, and after everyone starts to move again, Dick sparks a rally that enables them to win the game.

Glue Fingers

Billy Joe was a fine football player.  His brother told him he could catch a pass just as if he had glue on his fingers.  But Billy Joe wouldn’t play on any team.  He knew he was good but he also was afraid that the other boys would make fun of him because he stuttered.  Should a stutter prevent a boy from enjoying a game he loves to play?  Billy Joe must face this question in this enjoyable story for middle readers.

Jinx Glove

Chip really wanted a new glove.  The one he owned had once belonged to his father, and it was okay, but Chip couldn’t get the idea of a new one out of his head.  Using money he has saved, Chip finally does go out and buy the glove he’s longed for.  Then he throws the old one in the lake.

But something goes wrong.  Chip becomes a rotten fielder whenever he wears his new glove.  What can he do?  His old glove is gone, and his new one seems jinxed.  Find out how Chip solves the problem in this fast-action sports story.

Man Out at First: A Peach Street Mudders Story

After first baseman Turtleneck Jones takes a fast-moving throw from his team’s shortstop right in the chest, he starts shying away from the ball and missing easy plays because he’s afraid of being hit again. Coach Parker has no choice but to replace Turtleneck with the Mudders’ substitute player. Will Turtleneck be able to find his lost confidence — or will he have…

Devil Pony

A Matt Christopher Adventure Classic

“He’s everything I dreamed he’d be!” exclaimed Stu Bancroft when he saw Midnight, the horse he and his sister Sally had been promised when the horse was just a foal. Now Midnight was a year old and Stu and Sally were to bring him home at the end of their vacation at their uncle and aunt’s ranch house. But their visit takes some unexpected turns when mysterious events suddenly start happening.

When Stu first mounts Midnight, the pony throws him. Why? Then other “accidents” occur: a vase falls in the house and breaks for no reason and a saddle slips before their eyes from the wall in the stable. Cousin Wilbur has an explanation—it was the return of the Bancroft Poltergeist—but Cousin Wilbur himself was acting strange. Could his ghostly explanation be trusted? Stu’s love for Midnight makes him determined to find the reasons behind these mysterious events, a determination that helps create a summer that Stu and Sally would never forget.