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Serena Williams: Legends In Sports

Serena Williams has been ranked number one in the world for tennis singles, won twenty-two Grand Slam singles titles, and won four Olympic gold medals. Her powerful serve surprises her opponents—and then her forehand and backhand swings land shots with fierce accuracy. Her speed and strategy are unmatched. Yet, it’s her ability to rally for a comeback that has put her at the top of her game and the top of the field. Serena has defeated injury, personal stresses, and criticism to climb to the top of the rankings and become one of the best tennis players of all time.

This exciting biography of Serena chronicles her career in tennis that started on the courts of Compton, California, her competition and cooperation with her sister Venus Williams, and her triumphant career highlights, as well as her personal pursuits and charitable work.

Matt Christopher is the name young readers turn to when they’re looking for the best sports biographies on the shelf.

Supercharged Infield

Penny Farrell is surprised by the sudden change in her teammates on the Hawks softball team. They are playing better that Penny ever thought possible! Stranger still, this new strength brings dramatic change to the girls’ attitudes. Penny decides to solve this puzzling mystery. Could it have anything to do with Harold Dempsey, the team’s scorekeeper and computer whiz?

In the Goal with…Brianna Scurry

In the 1999 Women’s World Cup championship, Brianna Scurry was the goalkeeper for the USA women’s national team.  She faced the greatest challenge of her career when she had to square off against China’s best penalty kickers in a shootout to determine the winner.  A must read as she was one of the greatest all-time goalkeepers.

On the Court with…Lisa Leslie

One the top players in the Women’s National Basketball Association was the star Lisa Leslie.  She started her career with the Los Angeles Sparks and was a member of the 1996 Olympic gold medalists team.  Get a close-up look at this superstar in this biography by Matt Christopher.

Great Americans in Sports: Mia Hamm

This entry in a brand new line of sports biographies from Matt Christopher takes readers onto the field with a soccer legend

Mia Hamm’s speed, aggressive play, and ability to “read the field” helped her become the best women’s soccer player in the world. Her stellar performance as a college, World Cup, and Olympic champion made her a sports hero, and her story will inspire a new generation of young athletes. This comprehensive biography – with bonus photos and infographics – gives readers an up-close look at one of America’s greatest soccer stars.

Double Play at Short

Who is the Jaguars’ mysterious shortstop?

Danny Walker is one of the best players his team has; in fact, his adoptive parents and sister consider him a shoo-in for the shortstop position on the All-Star team. But that was before Tammy Aiken, the opposition’s new “hot dog” shortstop, showed up. Danny has a sinking feeling the new-comer is as good as he is — a feeling her stats back up. And yet something besides her threatening to steal the All-Star spot from him is bothering him. The more he watches her, the more he becomes convinced that he’s seen her — or someone just like her — play before. Why does Tammy seem so familiar? Continue reading Double Play at Short

Windmill Windup

Kelly Conroy is stoked for the upcoming softball season. Last year her team almost won the championship. She can’t wait to rejoin her teammates and conquer the competition. Then the bomb is dropped—she’s been assigned to another team! Further complicating her life, her mon is spending all her free time with some guy Kelly can’t stand. And on the field, Kelly finds herself facing a new windmill pitch she can’t connect with. Suddenly, the best season of Kelly’s life is turning into a nightmare.
Continue reading Windmill Windup

Red-Hot Hightops

Are Kelly’s new hightops magically helping her game?

When Kelly Roberts plays basketball at home with her friend Ester, she’s a whiz, but as soon as she faces a crowd, she freezes. Then one day Kelly finds a brand-new pair of red hightops in her locker. They fit her perfectly, and whenever she wears them, her teammates tell her she plays a better game. She is reluctant to believe in them at first, but soon even she has to admit that the sneakers have a strange, almost overpowering effect on her. Could the mysterious hightops somehow be touched with magic? Continue reading Red-Hot Hightops