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The Winning Stroke

When Jerry Grayson injures his leg in a sandlot baseball game, he’s out for the season.  He begins rehabilitation program in his school’s pool under the watchful eye of the swim coach.  To Jerry, swimming is relatively tame stuff, until the day he catches the last part of a swim meet. So, with the help of his friends Tanya and Tony, Jerry starts to learn the basics of swimming.  Will he be able to move from teamwork of baseball to earn a spot on the swim team?

The Twenty-one Mile Swim

Joey Vass wasn’t a swimmer, but since his family bought a house on the shore of a lake, he decided he’d better learn how.  Everything is going along fine until a guy on the school swimming team starts to tease him constantly.

Angered by the teasing, Joey decides to become expert at a different kind of swimming long distance.  Joey swears that before he leaves high school he’ll swim the length of the lake:  a distance of twenty-one miles.

Catching Waves

When it comes to surfing, fourteen year-old Kai Ford knows his stuff; he’s been riding the waves since he was ten. He respects the awesome power of the sea and knows–firsthand– how dangerous it can be. But what Kai doesn’t seem to respect is the privacy of others. Unfortunately, his prying nature sometimes leads to trouble for others. Will Kai learn the importance of minding his own business before he once again sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong? Continue reading Catching Waves

Dive Right In

Twelve-year-old Traci Winchell is a gifted gymnast, but lately she’s been having trouble-so much trouble that her coach warns her she may need to drop out or else risk serious injury. Traci is heartbroken. Without gymnastics, what sport is there for her to do? Then she meets a diving coach who says Traci might be able to make a move to diving. The coach willing to train her, but Traci will have to work hard. Traci wants to find something to fill the void left by gymnastics, but is diving for her? And more important, is this coach someone she could work with? Continue reading Dive Right In