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Jackrabbit Goalie

Pepper Pride was new to town and wanted to make friends fast.  So when some local kids told him they needed a goalie for their soccer team, he lied and said he had played goalie in his old town.  It isn’t easy to play goalie when you’re short and new to the position.  What Pepper lacks in height and experience, however, he makes up for in speed.  He’s so fast his teammates start calling him Jackrabbit. But hen Pepper learns his team has to play against the Giants, a team older, bigger boys, he begins to doubt he can do the job.  Should he admit that he’s not really a goalie?  Or should he play and run the risk of letting his team down?

Soccer Hero

The Junior Library Guild Premier Selection Award winner for Fall 2007!!!

Rob Lasher is just an ordinary soccer player, good at the game, but not great. Then one afternoon, he saves his coach’s life in front of all his teammates. Suddenly, he’s the team’s hero. As some members of his team and the rest of the town continue to laud Rob’s heroic act, Rob realizes he doesn’t want the attention and any unearned awards that come with it. Continue reading Soccer Hero

The Comeback Challenge

Why does the Scorpions’ captain have a grudge against Mark?

Mark Conway is staying with his grandparents while his parents fight over whom he will live with after they divorce. He loves them, but it’s rough all the same. So the last thing he needs is the cold shoulder from the captain of his new soccer team, the Scorpions. But he’s coping with both situations just fine— or thinks he is, until one day he explodes with anger on the field…. Continue reading The Comeback Challenge

Soccer Duel

Renny and Bryce play on opposite soccer teams battling for the championship. Until recently the soft-spoken but talented Renny warmed the bench while another player took the field. But now that player’s out with an injury and Renny’s been given the chance to show what he can do. And no one is more surprised at Renny’s playing ability than his opponent, the hot-dogging, one-man team, Bryce. Bryce was sure Renny would be pushover, but Renny, who had admired Bryce’s showmanship, proves that solid teamwork is often hard to beat. And in the end, both boys come off the field a little wiser. Continue reading Soccer Duel

Top Wing

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

What caused the fire that nearly killed Benton Crawford and his sister? Benton would have the kids on the soccer team believe it was a faulty wiring job done by Dana Bellamy’s father. Dana can’t believe what he’s hearing — not only is his dad an electrical expert, but he also almost died rescuing the Crawford kids! As the feud between the two boys heats up, their teammates take sides; no longer playing well together, the soccer squad loses game after game. That’s when Dana decides it’s time to get to the bottom of the fire mystery once and for all. But will he be able to handle the truth once he finds it? Continue reading Top Wing

Goalkeeper in Charge

Will Tina’s shyness ruin her chances to play keeper?

Tina Esparza loves everything about soccer, especially the fact that it’s a team sport in which no one player stands out. That’s important to Tina, who is painfully shy and hates getting attention. So when she joins her new soccer team, she’s looking forward to becoming just another player on the field. Imagine her horror when the coach asks her to train as the team’s goalkeeper! It’s the one position that stands out on a soccer team—even the uniform is different! Will Tina be able to overcome her shyness and accept a position that puts her in the spotlight? Continue reading Goalkeeper in Charge