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Soccer ‘Cats: The Captain Contest

When Dewey London and Bundy Neel see the poster about the new summer soccer league, they’re psyched. Then they read the fine print and learn about the logo contest: Whoever draws the best team logo will be named captain of his or her team and see the logo reproduced on team T-shirts. Dewey has won prizes for his drawings, but the thought of being captain makes his stomach do flip-flops. Bundy, on the other hand, would make a great captain, but he can’t draw worth beans. So Dewey has to decide: Should he not enter the contest so Bundy can win and be named captain, or enter an deal with his stomach every day for the rest of summer?

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Soccer ‘Cats #2 Operation Baby-Sitter

Bundy Neel works hard to be the best soccer player he can be. He always has encouraging words for his teammates, and he works extra hard during practice and games. So why does his attitude change out of the blue? His teammates don’t know it, but Bundy has been saddled with…a baby-sitter!
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Soccer ‘Cats #3: Secret Weapon

Lisa Gaddy is a starting fullback for the ‘Cats and she plays her position well–except for one thing. She’s small for her age, so her throw-ins from the sidelines don’t go very far. Sometimes the ball winds up landing in front of an opponent instead of a teammate. She can’t stop taking throw-ins (though one of her teammates thinks she should). But unless she grows three inches before the season ends, there doesn’t seem to be any way she can improve. Or is there? The coach has an idea to turn Lisa throw-ins into the “Cats’ secret weapon….
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Soccer ‘Cats #4: Hat Trick

When Stookie Norris’s older brother, Greg, gets his picture in the paper for scoring three goals in one game, Stookie is dazzled. Greg insists strikers should try to score a hat trick every game, though Stookie’s coach has never told him that. Still, when the Soccer Cats have their next game, Stookie does his best to score three goals — even though it means running wild all over the field chasing the ball. But is that really the best way for him to play his position?
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Soccer ‘Cats #5: Master of Disaster

Jason Shearer is better known for his wisecracks than his goalkeeping abilities. But that had better change fast because the Soccer ‘Cats’ starting goalie is going on vacation and Jason’s taking his place! Will Jason be able to learn all there is to know about goalkeeping before the game against the always-tough Panthers?
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Soccer ‘Cats #7: All Keyed Up

When Stookie Norris asks Jerry Dinh to take care of his gerbils while he’s away on vacation, Jerry is thrilled. He’s wanted to become better friends with Stookie ever since his family moved next to Stookie’s house. But then something terrible happens that ruins all of Jerry’s hopes. Will Stookie ever forgive him?
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Soccer ‘Cats #8: You Lucky Dog

Lou Barnes has a little trouble remembering to watch his position on the soccer field. So sometimes he gets called offside—and during a game, that can cost the team a chance at a goal. Then one game, Lou gets a reminder of the offside rule from a very unlikely source: a dog! But where did the dog come from, and who taught him how to play soccer?
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Soccer ‘Cats #9: Switch Play!

The ninth entry in Matt Christopher’s SOCCER ‘CATS features fullback Ted Gaddy

Ted Gaddy is tired of his sister’s amazing “secret weapon” throw-in getting all the applause and attention during games. But what can a fullback do to make people cheer? Then Coach Bradley tells a story of a fullback who almost scored a goal. Ted learns how to do the same thing that fullback did, hoping that he, too, will get a chance at scoring. But is his sister trying to keep him from carrying out his plan? Continue reading Soccer ‘Cats #9: Switch Play!

Soccer ‘Cats #10: Kick It!

The tenth entry in Matt Christopher’s SOCCER ‘CATS features fullback Alan Minter.

Fullback Alan Minter is in trouble. First, he was picked last for a kickball game. Then he missed the ball every time it was his turn! Suddenly he’s wondering if he even knows how to kick. Luckily, his friend and Soccer ‘Cats goalkeeper Bucky Pinter figures out why he’s having problems.

Together they work on getting Alan’s foot back in gear. But more trouble awaits-Alan begins to think that one of his teammates has it in for him. Will he and Bucky be able to solve that problem too?
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