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Skateboard Renegade

Can Zach ride with the best of them and remain true to himself?

Buzz cut or ponytail? Grunge look? Tattoo, body paint, or earring? How about none of the above? When Zach takes up skateboarding, he doesn’t realize that he’s expected to look a certain way—and cop a certain attitude, too. At least that’s what it seems lie. But Zach just isn’t comfortable with any of these things; he wants to skateboard for the fun of it, and maybe take part in a few competitions. Will he be ostracized because he looks and acts so “normal”? Or will his decision to stay true to himself mark him as a renegade, the very attitude his skateboarding buddies will appreciate? Continue reading Skateboard Renegade

Skateboard Tough

Is Brett’s new skateboard haunted?

The first time Brett steps on “The Lizard,” the mysterious skateboard unearthed in his backyard, he can feel its power. He can do amazing tricks on it that he was never able to do on his old board. Brett should be on top of the world — so why can’t he shake the feeling that there’s something evil about The Lizard