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Run, Billy, Run

Billy fights to prove he can go the distance

Running has always been the fastest and easiest way for Billy Chekko to get around. Now that he’s on the track team, running has a whole new meaning. It’s his chance to show his family and his friends what he’s really made of. But when Billy is goaded by a bully into a race he stands little chance of winning, he’s faced with the greatest challenge of his life. Will he decide to run or walk away? Continue reading Run, Billy, Run

Run For It

Theo Gordimer is a classic thirteen-year-old coach potato: he prefers video games and TV shows to playing sports. Then his favorite aunt is diagnosed with cancer. Theo wants to do something to help her, but what? Then his friend Paul tells him about an upcoming five-kilometer road race to raise money for cancer research. Theo is panicked: running the race seems like the perfect way to help out his aunt, but 5K is more than three miles! Theo can barely run a quarter of a mile without having to stop. How will he be able to do it?
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