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Lacrosse Firestorm

It’s early summer, and things are really heating up between Garry Wallis, star of Lacrosse Face-Off, and his nemesis, Michael Donofrio. At the end of last season, Garry sabotaged Michael’s chances of becoming the league’s top scorer. Now Michael is taking his revenge. He has plenty of opportunity, too, for the Rockets are taking part in a week-long lacrosse tournament held at an overnight camp. Garry tries to ignore Michael, but the bullying finally gets to him, and what happens next sets off a string of near-disasters that finds Garry in the heart of a firestorm.
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Lacrosse Face-off

When Todd is told by his doctor that he needs to lose weight, he becomes the newest member of his brother Garry’s lacrosse team. But Garry is avoiding Todd because he’s embarrassed by his brother’s lack of skill and extra weight. When Michael Donofrio, the team’s high-scorer, makes fun of Todd, will Garry turn on Todd to gain Michael’s approval or will he stand by his brother?
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