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Body Check

A hockey novel about playing fair and good sportsmanship.

Thirteen-year-old Brent Mullen isn’t sure he’s seeing what he thinks he’s seeing. Did his best friend and teammate just pull a dirty trick on the ice-all for the sake of winning? And if so, where did he learn the move? It soon becomes clear to Brent that some of his teammates are more interested in winning than playing fair, and that the new assistant coach is more than willing to teach them illegal moves to help them reach their goal. But just how far will those players go-and will Brent be able to stop them before someone gets seriously hurt?
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A jealous teammate can lead to danger on the ice….

When it comes to skating, Scott Harrison can’t be beat. Still, he can’t believe it when he’s asked to play for the Golden Bears hockey team. but soon his excitement turns to doubt, then fear, when a resentful teammate ruins his confidence. Scott must confront his nemesis or give up his dream of playing hockey forever. Continue reading Face-Off

The Hockey Machine

Can Steve escape his kidnappers?

After leading his hockey team to victory one afternoon, Steve Crandall accepts a ride home in the limousine of an avid fan his own age. Steve is surprised to learn that his fan is a multimillionaire and boy genius, but even more startling is the rich kid’s proposal that Steve play center on his professional junior hockey team. Before Steve can respond or even consult his parents, he is flown to the team headquarters—where he soon discovers he’s the multimillionaire’s prisoner! Continue reading The Hockey Machine

Ice Magic

Pie Pennelli loves to play hockey, but he’s got some problems: his hand-me-down skates are too big for him, and one of his teammates is always picking on him. But Pie’s troubles really begin when his next-door neighbors find an antique hockey game. They swear the game is magic and can predict every play Pie’s team will make! Continue reading Ice Magic

Penalty Shot

Jeff Connors is psyched to be back on the Winston Blades hockey team. He had to turn in his uniform last year when his grades in English slipped below eligibility level. This year, he’s determined not to let that happen, even though it means working with a writing tutor. But just when Jeff feels he has made progress, his writing lands him in hot water again! First, a carefully composed paper is mysteriously replaced by one sure to earn him a failing grade. But even worse, Jeff is accused of penning a vicious note to his best friend. Can Jeff find out who is sabotaging him in time to save his place on the team as well as his friendship? Continue reading Penalty Shot

Wingman on Ice

Tod Baker is sure his new hockey stick will improve his game significantly. But when his team loses to its archrival, he realizes that good stickhandling and passing require hard work and practice more than top-notch equipment. Blaming himself for the team’s loss, he hides his new stick in his closet with a vow not to use it unitl he deserves it. But will he earn that right before the end of the season, or will he forfeit the new stick until another year? Continue reading Wingman on Ice

Cool As Ice

Can Chris prove that size and race don’t matter?

Eleven-year-old Chris is small for his age, so he can’t believe it when he learns he’s been selected for the exclusive all-star traveling hockey team. It’s not all fun and games playing for the Arctic Wolves, however. Some of the kids on the opposition are much bigger and rougher, and they pick on Chris because of his size. But Chris isn’t the only one getting razzed. His teammate, Derek, is an aggressive player who also happens to be the only African American in the league. Chris and Derek develop some powerful on-ice chemistry that makes them a winning combination. But will that be enough for them to prove that size and race don’t matter? Continue reading Cool As Ice