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The Dog That Called the Signals

Mike suddenly becomes starting quarterback for his team, and he’s got a problem.  Everything is fine as long as the coach gives him the plays from the bench, but what happens the day the coach sprains an ankle and has to leave the game?  Will Mike ruin things for the whole team?

Hardly! Not while Harry, a dog with a talent for mind reading, is around. Another round of sport action with Mike and Harry.

Baseball Jokes and Riddles

What are the best kind of shoes to wear for stealing bases?

Get ready to hold your sides and roll your eyes—America’s best-loved sports writer for children has let his sense of humor loose! This collection of wacky jokes, riddles, puns, and anecdotes about our favorite pastime is sure to liven up the diamond and the locker room. Just try to keep from groaning and giggling! Continue reading Baseball Jokes and Riddles

The Dog that Called the Pitch

No batter, no batter, no — umpire?

The Dog that Called the Pitch

Harry, the Airedale with ESP, and his best friend, Mike, pitcher for the Grand Avenue Giants, are back! In this latest adventure, Mike and Harry discover that someone else shares their telepathic abilities: the new home-plate umpire, Mr. Grimley. When Mike accidentally breaks Mr. Grimley’s glasses, their mind-reading talents are put to the test — for suddenly it’s up to Harry to call the pitches! Continue reading The Dog that Called the Pitch

The Dog That Stole Home

When Harry the Airedale is grounded for nipping another dog, Mike is forced to muddle through a baseball game without his best friend’s encouragement. He hits a crucial triple, but with the team’s weakest batter up next, how will he ever score the game-winning run? Out of nowhere comes a fuzzy, four-legged miracle to make the play and save the day!
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