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Glue Fingers

Billy Joe was a fine football player.  His brother told him he could catch a pass just as if he had glue on his fingers.  But Billy Joe wouldn’t play on any team.  He knew he was good but he also was afraid that the other boys would make fun of him because he stuttered.  Should a stutter prevent a boy from enjoying a game he loves to play?  Billy Joe must face this question in this enjoyable story for middle readers.

Tackle without a Team

After leading the Greyhawks to victory one afternoon, right tackle Scott Kramer is shattered when marijuana is discovered in his duffel bag.  Scott has never touched marijuana – he doesn’t even smoke cigarettes – but the coach finds it hard to believe that someone else planted the pot there, and without any proof, he has no choice but to kick Scott off the team.  Read this exciting story how Scott traps the culprit.

Underdercover Tailback

Parker Nolan is a notorious liar, so why should his Kudzu teammates believe him when he claims he saw someone photographing football plays from the coach’s playbook?They shrug it off as another one of his stories, despite the fact that in two consecutive games the opposing team seems to be able to predict their teams every move.  Parker is determined to prove that this time he is not lying.

QB Blitz

Last season, thirteen-year-old Cal Kelliher was the star quarterback of the middle school football team. The only seventh grader in a starting line-up of eighth graders, he spent the year playing ball and hanging out with the older boys. Now everything’s changed.  The eighth graders are freshmen, too wrapped up in high school to bother with Cal anymore.  His teammates, used to being ignored by him, don’t give him the time of day either. When a popular player challenges him for the quarterback position and the new head coach questions his attitude, Cal feels like he’s being blitzed from all sides. Will he find a way to survive the mounting pressure, or will he get sacked?

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Wing T Fullback

Bernie Morello knew how to play football, but he didn’t know how to fit in with the boys from the better side of town where his new school was located. Bernie came from across town, where the hard-working immigrant families lived.

How Bernie lost a game but won the respect of his fellow players marks the climax of this thrilling football story.

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Football Double Threat

Rocky Fletcher is the wide receiver for the Pythons. But, ever since his best friend and teammate, Bobby, broke his leg, his coaches want him to learn the safety position, too. The only other player available is Jared, who doesn’t even seem to like football. Yet as time goes on, it’s Jared who excels at the position because, thanks to Bobby, Rocky keeps missing practices! Is Bobby purposely keeping Rocky from practice? And why is Jared playing a sport he dislikes? Continue reading Football Double Threat