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Extreme Teams: Skateboard Moves

Charlie Abbott is the new kid in town–again. He hates everything about moving, especially trying to make new friends. Then he meets a kid called X who shares his love of skateboarding. Together, they rip some moves at the town skatepark. But then Charlie’s skateboard vanishes from his garage, and he sees X riding around on a skateboard that looks just like his! Is Charlie’s new life about to become a disaster? Continue reading Extreme Teams: Skateboard Moves

Extreme Teams #2: The Day of the Dragon

Mark Goldstein knows he’s the klutziest member of their group. But what can he do about it? There’s no miracle cure for clumsiness. Or is there? When Mark starts taking kung fu lessons, he thinks he might conquer his problem after all. Then something happens that threatens to ruin everything. . . Continue reading Extreme Teams #2: The Day of the Dragon

Extreme Teams #3: Roller Hockey Rumble

Bizz Juarez is a whiz at roller hocker, and she uses her talent to help her best friend, Savannah Smith, learn how to play. Bizz is a patient teacher, but she can also be hot-headed. When a bully makes fun of Savannah’s poor skills, Bizz lets her temper take control. Before she knows what’s happened, she’s accepted a bet that could put her coller hockey future–and her friendship with Savannah–in permanent jeopardy. Will Bizz find a way to make things right.

Extreme Teams #4: On Thin Ice

It’s December, and the Smith family is planning a big holiday party for Savannah and her classmates from the all-girl private school she attends. Savannah worries that she can’t invite her best friend, Bizz Juarez, and the others from the skatepark because they don’t go to the school. Then she finds out that Jonas Malloy is planning his own holiday party. She can celebrate the holidays with her skatepark friends at Jonas’s party and her school friends at her party. It seems her problems are solved-but when she discovers that Jonas’s party is the same day as hers, it turns out her problems are just beginning. . . Continue reading Extreme Teams #4: On Thin Ice

Extreme Teams #6: Into the Danger Zone

Now that Charlie Abbott has finally settled in with his new group of friends, he is excited to introduce them to an old friend who is coming to visit. But when Pat–or Rick, as he is now known–steps out of the car, Charlie can’t help noticing how much he is changed. And the more time Charlie spends with Rick, the more he realizes the changes aren’t all that good. In fact, some of them are downright dangerou