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Karate Kick

“After four years of karate training, Cole Richards is poised to advance to his next belt level.  As he prepares for his test, new challenges come his way.  How will Cole handle these unexpected obstacles?

With themes of jealousy, competition, and bullying, Matt Christopher brings together important life lessons and the thrill of karate.”

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Snowboard Champ

When Matt Harper moves in with his uncle while his mother works for the government in a mysterious job overseas, he knows his life will change. But so long as he can hit the slopes with his snowboard, Matt figures he’ll get along okay. But then he has a run-in with Riley, his new school’s best snowboarder. Soon, rumors are being spread about Matt’s past and challenges are being made. Will Matt be able to clear his name before Riley’s campaign to ruin him snowballs out of control? Continue reading Snowboard Champ

Roller Hockey Radicals

Kirby Childs and his new friends, the E Street Skates, take on one challenge after another. First it’s a mayor who outlaws playing roller hockey on the town’s rundown vacant lot, claiming it’s too dangerous. But the Skates win the battle to have the lot reopened and take on the next: a fierce competition with the Bates Avenue Bad Boys, a rough team that plays by its own rules. Will Kirby and the Skates be victorious once again, or will the Bad Boys wear them down? Continue reading Roller Hockey Radicals

Snowboard Maverick

Dennis O’Malley is a master on his skateboard. Although everyone he knows skis all winter, a bad skiing accident has left him afraid to try it again. But when his friend Tasha gets a new snowboard, Dennis begins to wonder of he can turn his skateboarding abilities into snowboarding abilities. As he tries to develop his skills, he is challenged by rival snowboarders who make him doubt himself on his board. Can Dennis overcome his fears on the slopes in time to prove them

Snowboard Showdown

Freddie and his brother Dondi have always been competitive. Dondi has a job, money to spend, and girls chasing after him, and now he can even drive! But Freddie knows that he has something his brother does not: better snowboarding moves, more daring runs, and overall more advanced techniques. When Dondi challenges his brother to a run down the very dangerous Devil’s Ravine, Freddie knows his brother has raised the stakes of their competition too high. Yet he is left with a problem: does he accept Dondi’s challenge and potentially hurt himself, or does he back away? If Freddie is leery of Devil’s Ravine, then how will Dondi fare on the slopes? The run is very risky, and Freddie must now decide if this brotherly competition, and opportunity to outshine his brother, is really worth it. Continue reading Snowboard Showdown

Inline Skater

A boy must choose between aggressive inline skating or inline hockey — and friendship

Cris Murphy is into aggressive, or “aggro,” inline skating. He loves flying through the air, doing tricks on the halfpipe, and grinding on the rails. But when he has a chance to try inline hockey, he decides to give it a go — much to the disgust of his friend and fellow aggro skater, Max, who thinks inline hockey is for losers. Cris isn’t so sure. Much as he likes the independence of aggro skating, he finds he likes being part of a team, too. But will Max and Cris’s friendship survive if Cris chooses hockey over the halfpipe? Continue reading Inline Skater