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Olympic Dream

Doug Cannon is a video whiz, a decent hockey goalie – and overweight.  He is often the butt of his friends’ jokes, but he tries not to let it get to him.  That’s before he meets Red Roberts.  An energetic cycling enthusiast, Red encourages Doug to help out with the construction of a new bike path and to learn more about the sport of cycling.  All summer, Doug struggles against his old habits to become the young athlete Red thinks he can be.  at the same time, he looks within himself for the self respect he had put aside long ago.  But does he have what it takes to really go the distance, to reach an Olympic dream?

Mountain Bike Mania

Is Will pedaling out of control?

Will Matthews is lousy at all sports, but even he knows how to ride a bike. He just never dreamed that it could be such a rush! Soon after he joins a mountain biking club, he’s hurtling down hills, pedaling over mud-churned trails, and leaping over rocks and gullies. But is he moving so fast that he’s forgotten the friend he left behind? And are all his new friends as cool as they seem?
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Dirt Bike Racer

Is Ron’s luck on the track about to run out?

When Ron finds a dirt bike at the bottom of a lake, he can’t believe his luck. But the bike needs fixing up and that takes money. When he takes a job doing yard work for a former dirt bike racer, he’s convinced he’s finally going to make his dream of racing come true. Little does he suspect that the job will lead him to the one person who can threaten his dream….
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Dirt Bike Runaway

Peter runs away from his foster home…and right into danger

Peter is a genius with dirt bikes. He can take them apart, fix them up, and race them like a champ. But his skill with a bike can take him only so far — and when he runs away from his foster home, he realizes he’s in way over his head. He gets mixed up with two dangerous strangers and soon finds himself neck and neck with trouble on and off the racetrack.
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