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Front Court Hex

What would you do if  warlock put a hex on you?  Jerry Steele couldn’t understand why he had suddenly turned into such a bumbler on the basketball court.  Last year he was the team’s star player, but this year he couldn’t score a point.  When Jerry meets Danny Weatherspoon he really begins to think something strange is going on – for Danny says he’s a warlock who purposely preventing Jerry from scoring.  Why Danny feels he has a good reason to hex Jerry nd how Jerry reacts to Danny’s claim of supernatural powers make up the intriguing plot.

Power Play

Rabbit was a fair basketball player.  He sank his share of baskets, but he knew that he missed too many times, and he really hated it when the fans started to ride him.  How he wished he were a star.  The one day Rabbit finds a new kind of candy bar lying on the street.  The wrapper promises instant power to anyone who eats the candy, and Rabbit decides to take a chance and see what happens.  The results are more than he bargained for!  How Rabbit copes with the power and the problems the candy bar brings will interest anyone who likes to read sports stories.


Break for the Basket

It was funny how Emmett got on the Penguin basketball team.  He was shooting at the basket in his own back yard when Robin Hood and some of the other Penguins stopped in and took over the basketball.

Before he knew it, and really without wanting to, Emmett found himself playing on the Penguin team.Of course, he was nervous and not sure of himself, and for while it seemed that he was not going to be much help for the team, especially in the playoffs when they needed him the most.  Everyone but Emmett knew that he was good player – his father, Mr. Long the coach and Mr. G., the artist who lived next door and who like Emmett was very shy.  Mr. G. was sure that he could teach Emmett not to be afraid, but to play hard and play the best he could.

Basketball Sparkplug

Kim wanted to play basketball.  He was a good player, too.  But sometimes he didn’t keep his mind on the game very well, and sometimes he made mistakes that disgusted the other boys on the Arrow’s team.The trouble was that Kim didn’t practice as much as the others.  Instead he took singing lessons and sang in the choir.  Some of the boys kidded him about that; in fact, they were pretty sore about it and blamed Kim when the Arrows lost.  No wonder it was hard for Kim to do his best.How Kim managed to combine the two things he liked to do is told with plenty of basketball action.

Tall Man in the Pivot

Doing well in sports is important to any boy.  Usually it comes from hard work.  But for Chuck O’Neil, making a basket was easy as becoming class president or winning marbles from the other members of the school basketball team.  At times, even to his friends Mickey and Steve, it seemed that Chuck preferred shooting marbles to playing basketball.  Indeed, nothing really bothered Chuck until his marbles began to disappear. Then he looked at everyone with suspicion.  Enjoy reading the old classic by Matt Christopher and see how Chuck solves the mystery.

Hook Shot Hero

Tim Daniels is back at Camp Wikasaukee with rest of the gang from Nothin’ But Net, serving as a mentor to three young rookies, and he’s got his hands full! He’s still working on keeping his height from getting in the way of his game–he’s shorter than most of the guys. Plus, he’s got a bully on his hands, and he’s got to find a way to inspire his campers. Good thing NCAA pro Dick Dunbar is there to help Tim with a super-cool shot that gives him the confidence to make his mark at camp. Continue reading Hook Shot Hero

Hot Shot

Julian Pryce was once the star center of the Tornadoes. But when he joins a new team after his family moves, he suddenly finds himself riding the pine. It turns out the Warriors already have a starting center, Paul Boyd, who has no intention of sharing the court with Julian. The coach is no help, either, for one simple reason: Paul is his son! Now Julian may have to take drastic measures if he’s going to get back into the game. . . but is he to blame when Paul winds up in the hospital? Continue reading Hot Shot

Shadow Over the Back Court

Jeff is crazy about basketball, but his father, a research scientist, thinks sports are a waste of time. Jeff still wants to play, and so, without his father’s support, he tries out for the school team. And he makes second string. He’d mostly sit on the bench, but Jeff knows that he will get a chance to prove himself to the coach and the team-and his father. He also knows that his dream of playing varsity will take a lot of hard work, but he enjoys every minute of practicing and playing.

After a frightening accident involving the team bus, Jeff’s father insists that he quit the team. Later, the school principal convinces Jeff’s father to change his mind, and eventually Jeff persuades his father to come see a game. Continue reading Shadow Over the Back Court

Slam Dunk

Julian Pryce is looking forward to playing basketball for the Tornadoes this year. Last season, the team went undefeated, with Julian as the star center. But to his shock and disappointment, the other boys who made the team great the previous year aren’t at the first practice. Instead, Julian finds himself surrounded by newcomers and kids who rode the bench last year. There’s no way the team will be as good as it once was-and Julian discovers that he doesn’t like the pressure of being the sole remaining star, the player others look to to lead the team to victory. . . Will he be able to reconcile himself to this role or will he decide to take the easy way out? Continue reading Slam Dunk

Nothin’ But Net

A novel about discovering what it means to be a true friend.

Thirteen-year-old Tim Daniels can’t wait to go to four weeks of summer basketball camp. A scrappy point guard, he’s sure he’ll shine on the court. But then he learns that his friend Billy will be going to camp with him. Billy is a good guy, but kind of flabby and not much of a basketball player. Tim is worried that Billy will drag him down, a concern that seems to come true their first week at camp when Billy becomes the butt of practical jokes. Will Tim choose to stick by his friend, or will his desire to be accepted by the popular players make him turn his back on Billy? Continue reading Nothin’ But Net