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Supercharged Infield

Penny Farrell is surprised by the sudden change in her teammates on the Hawks softball team. They are playing better that Penny ever thought possible! Stranger still, this new strength brings dramatic change to the girls’ attitudes. Penny decides to solve this puzzling mystery. Could it have anything to do with Harold Dempsey, the team’s scorekeeper and computer whiz?

The Team That Stopped Moving

Dick Farrar was glum.  The baseball team he had helped organize couldn’t seem to get a winning combination together.  Then one day, in the midst of an important play, something happens to Dick.  For some strange reason, all the action on the field seems to freeze, and a man who calls himself a wizard appears and begins to talk to him.  The wizard gives him pointers on how to improve his play, and after everyone starts to move again, Dick sparks a rally that enables them to win the game.

Jinx Glove

Chip really wanted a new glove.  The one he owned had once belonged to his father, and it was okay, but Chip couldn’t get the idea of a new one out of his head.  Using money he has saved, Chip finally does go out and buy the glove he’s longed for.  Then he throws the old one in the lake.

But something goes wrong.  Chip becomes a rotten fielder whenever he wears his new glove.  What can he do?  His old glove is gone, and his new one seems jinxed.  Find out how Chip solves the problem in this fast-action sports story.

Two Strikes On Johnny

Johnny Doane’s brother Michael was blind.  Yet he loved to go with Johnny to the games the Cardinals played.  Johnny was the Cardinals’ center fielder, and Michael thought he was just about the best ball player ever.  Johnny knew he was not, that he was poor hitter, but he couldn’t bear to disappoint Michael.  So he got in the habit of telling Michael small white lies.  All this made Michael very happy, but was this the right thing for Johnny to do?

Slide, Danny,Slide!

Slide, Danny,Slide! The exciting story of a boy’s devotion to baseball and how he helped build a ball park and put a Little League team together. Danny finds that even after organizing the Hornets, things do not run smoothly, and friendships are split–Danny and his friends on one side and Chigger and his friends on the other.

Enjoy the hard-fought games and profit from the experiences of boys like Danny and his teammates. The inevitable outcome of the season’s championship game will thrill all readers.

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