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Devil Pony

A Matt Christopher Adventure Classic

“He’s everything I dreamed he’d be!” exclaimed Stu Bancroft when he saw Midnight, the horse he and his sister Sally had been promised when the horse was just a foal. Now Midnight was a year old and Stu and Sally were to bring him home at the end of their vacation at their uncle and aunt’s ranch house. But their visit takes some unexpected turns when mysterious events suddenly start happening.

When Stu first mounts Midnight, the pony throws him. Why? Then other “accidents” occur: a vase falls in the house and breaks for no reason and a saddle slips before their eyes from the wall in the stable. Cousin Wilbur has an explanation—it was the return of the Bancroft Poltergeist—but Cousin Wilbur himself was acting strange. Could his ghostly explanation be trusted? Stu’s love for Midnight makes him determined to find the reasons behind these mysterious events, a determination that helps create a summer that Stu and Sally would never forget.


The only thought on Jeff Belno’s mind is escape.

Weeks ago, when he begged his parents to let him take his horse Red with him to camp, maybe somehow Jeff knew he would be wanting to run away. All he could remember now was the way the camp coach had been hounding him, making him feel stupid. All his life people had thought of him as somewhat of a slow learner. He has to make the journey home alone, to prove something to everyone.

Jeff knows that he will have to face dangers on his horseback journey through the Adirondack Mountains. But he never dreams that the very earth will heave and crack open before he and Red can reach their destination.

Drag-Strip Racer

Ken has always dreamed of becoming a drag-strip racer, an hen he inherits a super car, Li’l ed, from his uncle, he thinks his dream will come true.  However, things start to go all wrong for Ken.  He fractures his foot, and his older brother seems to be increasingly angry with Ken and jealous of his ambition and talent.

The drag strip becomes the place where Ken works out his problems.  Check out this Matt Christopher classic.