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Football bloopers, puzzlers, fun facts, and wacky stories — Matt Christopher, the number-one sports writer for kids, scores a touchdown with this zany collection for fans of pigskin-tossing, gridiron-hitting action! Packed with laugh-out-loud illustrations, this book will make even the toughest linebacker smile.

Matt Christopher has captured all the suspense and play-by-play of nine famous pro football plays of the past and the personalities of these pro football players that made them.  

Bernie Morello knew how to play football, but he didn’t know how to fit in with the boys from the better side of town where his new school was located. Bernie came from across town, where the hard-working immigrant families lived. How Bernie lost a game but won the respect of his fellow players marks the climax of this thrilling football story.

Is football Tommy’s key to a new home? Football isn’t just Tommy’s favorite sport—he also thinks that it’s the key to a good home. The recently orphaned Tommy is delighted to discover that his foster father, Mr. Powell, coaches Midget League football. By playing well, Tommy hopes that he will make Mr. Powell want to adopt him, and then he will have a real family again. But will things work out the way he plans?